FTTTT! Fibre to the TourismTouchscreen

There’s no question that the National Broadband Network delivers incredibly fast internet and increases productivity for residents and for businesses which rely on telecommunications. Datatrax has been extremely fortunate to experience the NBN firsthand, with two sites connected in the month of August.

In Ipswich QLD, the Queensland Times reports a good initial take-up of the NBN since the official launch on the 5th of August, and the first residents to be connected have experienced “download speeds [which] were 2.5 times faster for no extra cost.”

Meanwhile, Dr Marcus Bowles of the University of Tasmania argues that if residents and business owners in Scottsdale in the northeast of Tasmania, and other regions of the state, were to take up the NBN and connect to the internet, there could be “major economic benefits” to Tasmania. And academics aren’t the only people speaking out in favour of the high-speed broadband service offered by the NBN. Listen to the ABC’s interview with local computer technician Michael-Brian Courtney.

The TourismTouchscreens at the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre and at the Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe now have lightning-fast connections that make remote monitoring and maintenance easier than ever. This really helps us look after our partners and clients, and it means that the network is as low-maintenance as possible for busy staff on location.

Ipswich Visitor Information Centre's TourismTouchscreen can be remotely monitored from Datatrax HQ.
Datatrax HQ can now remotely monitor, update and troubleshoot online TourismTouchscreens. Thanks to the NBN, we can view a kiosk’s activity in real time with no lag or loading time.

Datatrax CEO Paul Buckley said, “The NBN has revolutionised our approach to rich media delivery, and we hope that the rollout continues into the future as planned. The benefit to the tourism industry is substantial.” We’re looking forward to seeing more superfast connections as more of the nation is switched onto the NBN, and we can’t wait to have the same speeds at HQ!