Tourism Operators can now say ‘You Saurus’ at the National Dinosaur Museum

The evolution of the network continues to progress at a monstrous pace. The latest member to upgrade to a wall-mounted Quest unit is the National Dinosaur Museum! At the iconic attraction in our hometown of Canberra, the new kiosk has completely new hardware and presents the Museum’s video from the main screen. Visitors can also stomp through and get the most interactive local and national information on accommodation, restaurants, and more.

NDM exterior
The old ways of finding information are extinct at the National Dinosaur Museum.

Our relationships with hosts like the National Dinosaur Museum are what forms the bones of the entire network. The ability to offer customised information at the very top level allows us to deliver even more value to those locations. At the same time more platforms in more places means greater exposure for everyone who promotes on the TourismTouchscreen Network!