Welcome to the Network: Hopetoun and Benalla


It’s with great excitement that we announce the addition of two new sites to the TourismTouchscreen Network. Our newest hosts, the Hopetoun Visitor Information Centre and the Benalla Visitor Information Centre, are key information providers in their towns, each drawing tourists with their attractions. Our kiosks will enable these two new hosts to deliver information directly to the enquiring tourist, in a way that is accessible and intuitive.

Hopetoun, Western Australia, is a jewel nestled on the stunning Fitzgerald Coast in Western Australia. Historically a port town that serviced early settlers and the Phillips River Goldfield, Hopetoun is a picturesque destination, with scenic views of the southern ocean and the natural beauty of the Fitzgerald River National Park to its west.

Scenic view of the Fitzgerald Coast
Above: A scenic view of the Fitzgerald Coast

Benalla, Victoria, is a town famous for it’s rural beauty, its connections with the infamous Kelly Gang, as well as its famous sons — perhaps most notably war hero Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop. Tourists travelling through the historic heartland of Victoria are drawn to Benalla, where the Tourism Information Centre provides a wide range of information to travellers.

Above: Benalla art Gallery
Above: Benalla Presbytarian church


We welcome these two new sites to the network and hope that the partnership between accredited Visitor Information Centres and TourismTouchscreens helps more tourists find their way to the unique destinations throughout regional Australia.