Tourists head North for warmer waters

Last month was the South Coast of NSW with Tathra Bowling Club and this month we move our focus to NZ, WA, Victoria, and North Coast NSW.

In Victoria we signed on Seymours Hotel Ballarat with a Quest unit, and in New Zealand, as a result of the CEO’s trip and some good work at HQ, Quest Apartments Roto-rua have come on board. Tourists head north for warmer waters at this time of year, and the school holidays were a boon. We promote your business to tourists and locals with the app Take You There.

Renee at Albury Wodonga
Renee at Albury Wodonga, after servicing the Touchscreen and the community for many years ,is moving on. We wish her manager Bernadette well to continue the service with the incoming staff, part of our network for over 15 years.