Installing Touchscreens in more locations

More Locations in our network promoting your business:

Seasons 5 Point Cook, 2 Aspire units for the Resort and the Restaurant.
Beyond Q Bookshop and Cafe upgrade from a Quest to an Aspire
Chef Lagenda Melbourne join our network upgrading to an Aspire
Pizza and Ribs on the Run Grafton join our network with a Quest 23 Inch

With our interconnected Network of digital  screens, right across Australia and App we  continue to forge new ground with tailored  solutions to individual clients foyers. Delivering 4  new sites in your network this month, you are on  show on all of those new sites. Seasons 5 saw  the great opportunity to promote their weddings  and functions in both the foyer and the  restaurant. Chef Lagenda and Pizza and Ribs  on the Run, wanted to link up their social media  and ordering and promote other businesses in  the area. Thank you to all our wonderful clients in  making our story and we continue to do our best  for you.