$170,000 Fire Relief Package

Sunset over water

Our full sympathy and hopes for a recovery to all of our clients that have been affected by the fires, and everyone in those areas.    Please if you need assistance email me directly at ceo@datatrax.com  you have been part of our fabric for 25 years and we will help you.  While we are a small tourism business, our reach Nationally is very good, we feel that we can use some of our reserve hardware assets to help those towns in need, so have allocated $70,000 of our Hardware.  I have put in place 2 packages that you can pass on to your local visitor centre for any town that has been affected by the huge disruption to our tourism industry.


  1. Visitor Centres up to 10 towns for a $7,000 / 3 year deal TourismTouchscreen to be deployed at the visitor centre, airport or other key locations FREE.   Please make your visitor centre aware they can get a FREE touchscreen or a second unit in your town. This includes a package of 20 Ads at no Charge for Businesses Severely Affected by the fires in that town.
  2. 50 Tourism Businesses FREE runtime worth $2000+ p/a on our National Network for any business severely affected by the fires, for 12 months with a small payment of our out of house production costs to be paid after 6-9 months. Please pass this to any of your friends that have been affected severely.