Looking forward to a bumper domestic travel season

Many of our clients in different states are starting to see some progress on restrictions being lifted.   It was a great pleasure to go for a coffee with upto 10 people here, and it looks like NT, WA are really moving forward as well.   There is no doubt that it will take a while to get back to “new normal” and we appreciate your loyalty and keeping an eye to the very near future which is looking increasingly positive that domestic tourism travel restrictions will be removed.  I thank everyone for hanging in there and working with us.

Stay positive, keep promoting what we have and believe that tourists will rush for fresh air when restrictions are lifted.  The With Love from (A)us, campaign is certainly a great initiative.

There is a massive opportunity now and by the time you read this I would expect that at least SA and WA having recorded very few new cases in the community will relax travel restrictions.  I am sure the east coast will not be far behind.  In the meantime,  we continue to improve our systems and do network maintenance work to set us up for the next phase.   Pip Harrison Tourism Australia CEO said that the domestic market is 2/3rds of trade, however with such a large outbound market that will be constricted to Australia for some time can only be a huge benefit and increase those high spending tourist numbers.

Tourism Australia Webinars, over 1500 registered.

If you have not had the chance register for the Tourism Australia Webinars, they are a great weekly resource to keep focused on the latest developments for our industry. Domestic opportunities will open up first of course and there is some great advice to maximise your share.


   Paul Buckley CEO