Touchscreens on Space-X Crew Dragon

Space-X Crew Dragon

While our own travel restrictions are about to be reduced further I thought it was news worthy to mention the Space-X launch to the International space station this month.

A feature of the new cockpit, that has Elon Musk’s fingerprints all over it, is the addition of Touchscreens to make the job of interstellar travel that little bit easier.

Twenty five years ago I introduced touchscreens into tourism in Australia and have grown the business from there Internationally, and while by no means an Elon Musk, I can be proud of introducing the simplest and easiest way for Tourists and Travellers to find out about your business. The use of touch is the simplest and direct connection and probably our first instinct to develop inside the womb!  It is therefore the goto when you want to communicate no matter if that is the best things to do and see, or where to stay, eat or shop, or perhaps if it is how to dock with the Space Station and stay on mission target.  It was a life dream for myself to take my father and son to see the last space shuttle launch in 2011 in Florida and it has been a long time to see another vehicle further mankind’s quest. 

Paul Buckley CEO