Tourism Awards & Event Sponsorships

Since 2010 Datatrax has shifted from being a tourism awards entrant to being a sponsor of various industry events. We have sponsored conferences, conventions and Tourism Awards at the regional and state levels. Datatrax is a proud sponsor of the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards.Datatrax is a sponsor of the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards

Seeking Sponsorship?

Datatrax is always interested in sponsoring and supporting tourism events and programs which drive the industry and help businesses that rely on it, just like us! If you are seeking sponsorship please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to review your sponsorship prospectus.

Recognition of Datatrax and the TourismTouchscreen Network

Prior to our transition to event sponsor, Datatrax was the proud recipient of multiple tourism awards across various Australian states for its development of the TourismTouchscreen Network.

Winner of the 2003 New South Wales Tourism Awards for business excellence Highly commended in the 2004 South Australian Tourism Awards  Winner at the 2004 Canberra and Capital Region Tourism Awards    Finalist at the 2005 New South Wales Tourism Awards     Silver award winner at the 2006 South Australian Tourism Awards      Silver award winner at the 2007 South Australian Tourism Awards   Finalist at the 2008 New South Wales Tourism Awards  Commended at the 2008 Canberra and Capital Region Tourism Awards  Silver award winner at the 2008 South Australian Tourism Awards