Destination Management

Strategic planning and destination management are at the forefront of marketing in the regional tourism industry. This is a more holistic approach to tourism marketing than has been traditionally taken, and focuses on defining the destination, identifying its key points of difference, and working with stakeholders to leverage those points of difference, all with the goal of increasing visitation and visitor expenditure in the region.

For more information, view the Australian Regional Tourism Network’s guide to best practice Destination Management.

Your Complete Destination Marketing Tool

In establishing their destination management plans, regional Councils are recognising the need for increased reliance on digital and mobile tourism information technology solutions in response to rising operational costs and a more tech-savvy tourist market. Many Councils plan domestic marketing efforts which focus on implementing interactive digital signage within their visitor information centres, increasing their online presence, and harnessing mobile app technology to reach the widest possible audience within their target markets. However, due to resource constraints, it is often not feasible for Councils to develop their own software or mobile apps.

As a multi-platform promotional medium, the Datatrax suite of visitor information technology is uniquely suited to helping to meet the technology goals set out in destination management plans to promote destinations online and via the mobile app market.

  • Multi-platform means: promote on the TourismTouchscreen Network (including Aspire, Countertop and Endeavour models), the Take You There mobile app, and the Datatrax website for massive national and international reach to people in visitor centres, mobile device users, and internet users.
  • An established network of 232 TourismTouchscreen kiosk locations to put your destination on display in visitor information centres across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Take You There is a national mobile app for both iPhone and Android. It’s fully developed and awaiting your content with no buy-in or joining fee to have your destination included.