Hosting a TourismTouchscreen at your Tourism Business

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Hosting a TourismTouchscreen at your Tourism Business

Many tourism business operators wish to provide an information source to their customers and promote their destination nationally. The TourismTouchscreen Network offers a cost-effective and modern way to meet these goals.

Blue Mountains Explorer, Katoomba NSW
Blue Mountains Explorer, Katoomba NSW
Bell Tower Inn
Bell Tower Inn, Ballarat VIC

Provide an Information Source to your Customers

Providing comprehensive and interactive information at your place of business has never been easier. Call today and find out how you can host a TourismTouchscreen.

  • Your custom-made, dynamic information display is accessible from the home screen of your kiosk.
  • Options to highlight different aspects or areas of your business.
  • Options for co-branding or custom home screens.
  • Local information on attractions, dining options, accommodation, shopping and services.
  • Online features including local weather, maps and directions.
  • Remote updating and maintenance by Datatrax staff for the full term of the placement.
  • Slim all-in-one TourismTouchscreen can be placed on a counter or mounted on a wall or rotating arm.
  • Like a low-maintenance brochure rack with video and sound. Never needs refilling!
  • Even if information is not your primary business it can get people through your door.
  • Can contribute to visitor centre accreditation.

Promote your business

Not only is your information available from the home screen at your location; your dynamic slideshow or video promotion is also on display across the network! It’s lower-cost and easier to update than a print run of brochures, and it gets you into visitor centres across the country and even internationally. Users can find out about your business from any kiosk location, as well as on our website. Finally, as a TourismTouchscreen host you also receive a complimentary upgrade to the Take You There mobile app so you also get potential exposure to millions of mobile users.

Gain visitor centre accreditation

Becoming a host of a TourismTouchscreen is also a great way to achieve accreditation as a visitor information provider if you are an operator in New South Wales, Victoria, or the Northern Territory. In these areas, visitor centre accreditation may be available to private businesses which have incorporated a visitor information service into their operations. Having this accreditation allows your business to display the official yellow-on-blue italicised “ i ” signage and can increase the number of patrons who walk through your door.

For more information on visitor centre accreditation in New South Wales, contact Aurora Research.

For more information on visitor centre accreditation in Victoria, contact the Victorian branch of the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program.

For more information on visitor centre accreditation in the Northern Territory, contact Tourism NT.

In other Australian states and territories, visitor centre accreditation is open only to Council-operated official visitor information centres. In the case that accreditation is not available to you as a private business, you may still wish to provide an information service to your customers.

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