Hosting a TourismTouchscreen at your Visitor Information Centre

As a member of the TourismTouchscreen Network, you gain so many benefits for your visitors, your centre, and your town as a destination.

All in One from outside 2013 0729Benefits to Visitors

  • Free-to-use information source available 24 hours a day.
  • Mix of images, video, text, and sound for an immersive and memorable experience.
  • Information is concise and targeted with no unsolicited content.
  • Local weather, Google Maps, and directions on online kiosks.
  • Widespread network of locations provides a consistent and familiar information source wherever travellers go.

130403 Inverell TeamBenefits to the Centre

  • A low-cost to no-cost solution in implementing visitor information technology.
  • Afterhours external access allows visitors to receive information even when the visitor centre is closed. This is invaluable for centres with shortened hours and/or staff shortages, and can contribute to your accreditation.
  • Online features allow for remote updating, monitoring, and maintenance by Datatrax staff.
  • Links directly to your official tourism website and booking engine.
  • Our experienced technical support officers are only a phone call away to ensure functionality at all times.

130418 Fraser Airport- Linda (Vol) (1)Benefits to the Destination

  • A complimentary content package is provided to you as a member of the TourismTouchscreen Network.
  • Listing pages in each category to display your tourism members and/or local businesses.
  • Two complimentary slideshows to use as you please.
  • Town entry video to promote your destination.
  • Complimentary upload of all of your content to the Take You There mobile app.
  • Your pages are fully customisable and produced by our experienced team of graphic designers.
  • Low-maintenance electronic brochures that can be updated quickly, easily, and in all locations.
  • Additional pages can be purchased at a special rate exclusively for Media Partners.
  • A great way to control your destination branding.
  • Promote your destination with custom-made electronic brochures in visitor centres across the country and internationally.