Communiquez sur l’application Take You There

Take You There

Faites la promotion de votre entreprise avec” Take You There”

Communiquez sur notre application Smartphones et Tablettes tactiles “Take You There

Pour 0.83 cents / jour, communiquez sur l’application Smartphones et tablettes tactiles “Take you There”

L’application “Take You There”est un moyen excitant et efficace de promouvoir  votre entreprise sur le marché du tourisme.

Présentation interactive de votre contenu accessible sur les iPhones, Androïds, iPads et tablettes:

  • photos, logo, flash codes
  • musique
  • fonction zoom sur photo
  • information multilingue: français, anglais, espagnol et allemand
  • itinéraires GPS via  Google map
  • lien vers votre site Internet
  • fonction appel et email
  • une seule  application consultable partout en France

Cette application est téléchargeable gratuitement sur Google Play et sur l’App Store. Elle est consultable depuis un iPhone, un  Androïd, un iPad ou une tablette tactile.   Un autocollant vitrine  avec flash code de l’application sera mis à votre disposition.

TourismTouchscreen promotions can be adapted for display on Take You There.

Why Go Mobile with Take You There?

  • It’s completely free for users.

    There is absolutely no barrier to mobile users viewing your information. Take You There is totally free with no download fees, no add-ons, and no subscriptions.

  • It’s compatible with both major mobile operating system types.

    Unlike many other travel apps, Take You There has been developed for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

  • It uses GPS technology to display the most relevant information to the user first.

    Take You There‘s GPS-driven interface shows the tourist the businesses they’re closest to, so your market is more targeted and captive than ever before. They’re looking at your promotion because they are near your town and looking for information.

  • It displays the entire network.

    Users can access the entire network of operators from anywhere in the world, so even when they’re further afield, a traveller could be looking at your promotion at any time.

  • It links the user directly to your business.

    Take You There requires no commissions or booking fees to list your business, and instead provides the user with your contact details and the option to call or email you directly to book.

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