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With the announcement of the new TourismTouchscreen system rollout, operators, hosts, and users might be asking themselves, “What’s the difference? What does it do for me? How is it better?”

So we thought, why not take an in-depth look at the new features of the system and how it all works together. Key points of the upgrade are:

Town content at the top level

The generic home screen is a thing of the past. Now, when visitors touch a TourismTouchscreen in your area, they reach a screen that reflects local town info, content organised into categories, and a high-definition slide show of local imagery.

southern highlands new

This means that within two touches visitors are accessing local operators’ listings.

Explore the network with maps and town search

The user experience is further improved by providing a map-based navigation interface, so travellers can plan ahead by viewing other towns on the network.

map caloundra region

Touch any nearby town to access its local content, and zoom or pan to go further afield. And if you already know what town you’d like to view, we’ve integrated a town search function, which was the most requested feature for users.

Explore map search

Simply touch the search bar and use the virtual keyboard to start typing the town you’d like to view. Select the town from the list and touch it to visit that town’s page.

Barossa town screen

Welcome button for host content

For our kiosk hosts, we’ve included a Welcome button which features all of the host’s content. In the case of partner visitor information centres, this means that member listings and regional promotional videos are located here as well as within individual categories. For commercial hosts we use this button to showcase your display from the top level.

High-definition, widescreen listing displays

Displays are bigger, sharper, and more striking than ever. Using high-definition imagery and video, the new TourismTouchscreen Network offers great impact.

moodfood goolwa camping

If you would like your display upgraded to high-definition, get in touch with Datatrax today to find out how!