January 2023 – Tourism continues to Rebound as we head into the New Year

January 2023 - Tourism continues to rebound as we head into the New Year

Thankfully much of the rain has cleared along the East Coast as we head into the not so Long Hot Summer.  Tourism continues to rebound with inbound at 57% of pre-covid levels, and domestic up significantly.   According to Statistica Oct 22 for the FY 22 we had a substantial reordering of our inbound.  It is no surprise that China slipped significantly to 9th Position, leaving the Kiwi’s once again as our major source.  India came in a healthy second with the UK close 3rd at over 100,000.  The US behind that in 4th with 90,000, Canada and Indonesia are well back at 25,000 and then the rest is made of individual countries.
Domestic tourism continues to make up the bulk of our regional towns’ source which is where our network focuses on enabling people to stay longer, see more, and of course spend more locally.

We continue our rebound and are working on Ceduna in SA, Deloraine and Sheffield in Tasmania and Lithgow in NSW and a string of new sites in Tasmania including Devonport and St Helens.  With NZ such a big player we have also focused on expanding our network and content starting at the top, that is in the North Island with Whangarei and Northland.  This assists tourists in both directions across “the Ditch” of course.

Information Consultants Joey Gillatt and Luca Bostan at the Whangarei i-Site.
Kingaroy Touchscreen with Staff
A complete upgrade to Kingaroy, Paul Buckley Datatrax CEO, with Manager Samantha Beaumont

Managers report TourismTouchscreens and the App Take You There is being used widely by visitors to “Stay Longer and See and Do More”.   It gives us great pride to be promoting so many wonderful destinations around Australia, including South Burnett in QLD.


We look forward to updating WA, NT and more of Queensland over the coming quarter.


Have a safe and enjoyable festive season                             

Paul Buckley CEO