Hardware Solutions

With a range of hardware options, the TourismTouchscreen Network offers technology solutions to suit any visitor information space.


The full-size Aspire kiosk offers an impressive 32-inch screen supported by a slim yet sturdy base.

  • Free-standing
  • Computer and cabling housed inside kiosk
  • Speakers mounted to screen for full audio
  • Online-capable

24 Hr Access

Visitors can access dynamic information even after the visitor centre is closed through the use of a secure 24-hour touchpad.

  • Mounts to inside of window for centre security
  • Connects to external speakers for full audio even afterhours
  • Capable of allĀ TourismTouchscreen functions
  • Custom-made for Datatrax


The 22-inch Quest kiosk is extremely versatile and perfect for centres where space is at a premium.

  • Can be placed on a desk or counter
  • Options to mount on a rotating arm for 24-hour use
  • All-in-one unit with computer parts built into screen
  • Online-capable