5 Reasons to Promote Your Business on the Network

Promote your business on the TourismTouchscreen Network and gain access to the most interactive and far-reaching medium to promote your business in visitor information centres across the country and internationally

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1. Massive reach at great value.

Imagine advertising your business not just in one visitor information centre, but in hundreds across the country and internationally. This would be completely unsustainable using a traditional printed brochure! However, the TourismTouchscreen Network’s electronic brochure system puts your business in front of millions of travellers in a cost-effective way – production and distribution are all done electronically, so there is no need to purchase reprints or brochure space in every centre.

When you promote on the TourismTouchscreen Network, your electronic brochure is on display in every location throughout the network and on the web. Thanks to the network’s existing infrastructure, almost 20 million visitors pass through TourismTouchscreen locations every year and can get information on your business from wherever they are, whether in the next town, across the country, or even overseas.


2. All-hours exposure.

Reach potential customers even after the visitor information centre is closed with the TourismTouchscreen Network. Most locations have incorporated a through-glass touchpad and external speakers which allow visitors to access the kiosk through the centre window, so your promotion can be seen and heard at any time of the day. Unlike a traditional brochure in a rack, your TourismTouchscreen promotion’s display isn’t limited to business hours, giving you exposure to those late-arriving visitors to town.

3. Address a captive and qualified audience at their last point of decision making.

Unlike broadcast or print media which send out a general message, TourismTouchscreen advertising works by being very specific in its target market. The advertisements and the content are one and the same; your audience is captive to your message and not distracted from it by any competing information. Your promotion will be seen by prospective customers who are actively seeking information on your business type, are at the decision-making point of the travel process, and are ready to book and purchase.

4. Options to access the mobile market with Take You There.

Tourists everywhere are turning to their mobile devices to gather information, make decisions, and book travel. In response to the explosion of mobile device use, Datatrax has also developed Take You There, a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices that’s completely free to download and use. Your electronic brochure on the TourismTouchscreen Network can also be uploaded to Take You There to put your information in the pockets of mobile users.

5. Drive sales and bookings directly to you.

A listing on the TourismTouchscreen Network attracts no commissions or booking fees and instead links the customer straight to you. Through the online features of the upgraded TourismTouchscreen kiosks, tourists can now get directions right to your door. Online navigation powered by Google Maps makes it easier than ever before for visitors to get your details, give you a call, or find out how to reach your place of business.

I want to go from my current location at Datatrax HQ to the Parklands Apartments. How do I get there?
I want to go from my current location at Datatrax HQ to the Parklands Apartments. How do I get there?

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